What about love?
What about our promises?
What about love?
You take it all and leave me nothing
What about love?
What about us ’til we end?
What about love?                                                - Austin Mahone

Love will remember you,
Love will remember me,
I know it inside my heart,
Forever will, forever be ours,
Even if we try to forget,
Love will remember.                                                 - Selena Gomez

Get back in my life. Come knock on my door.

You’re the bad one but why are you hurting more than me? Don’t fool me.

Baby don’t leave me. I know you still love me. Why? Yes, I’ll tell you the truth. I need you.

It’s gonna be a long drive home but I know as soon as I arrive home.
And I open the door take off my coat and throw my bag on the floor.
She’ll be back into my arms once more for sure.

Tonight’s the night we fall in love,
Let’s meet in our sweet dreams,
Please come and find me.

What happens when you become the main source of her pain?

Put your hands all over me please talk to me, talk to me.
Tell me everything, it’s gonna be alright.

Will you do all these things like we used to?

I loved you endlessly. When you weren’t there for me so now it’s time to leave and make it alone.